Minority Youth Matters Movement

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NASCAR & Sponsors: Minority Youth Matters Movement Testimonials




"Even though minorities generate 50% of the sponsor revenue, there is little or no presence next to the NASCAR sponsor towards minority kids."
Paul K.

"I am a white man, we at NASCAR saw this movement coming. Lots of luck to NASCAR and the sponsors."
Winchester B.

"I Am a 23 year old black female student and I attend a historically black college. NASCAR has had 50 years to make this right. I will engage as many students as possible to join the movement. A black person can not even get a job at NASCAR." 
Tamara B.

"MYMM I applaud this movement. Sometimes you have to stir up the waters for the sponsors to see the injustice of what NASCAR has been doing for 50 years."
Beverly W.

"I say let's just protest the sponsors corporate Headquarters"
Sammy O.

"I am a 37 year old white suburban housewife, for my son's 13 birthday I was going to take 9 boys to the chase race, until the two black kids, felt that NASCAR does not like Blacks.   Until the sponsors correct how the minority view NASCAR and engage with there kid's I will not spend a dime on the NASCAR brand"
Susan C.


"Slavery has been abolished. Segregation has gone away. Prejudice with the same sex marriage has disappeared and the world has embraced transgender people but yet the sponsors are turning their heads away from the invisible line of prejudice displayed by NASCAR"
Dale T.

"I work in NASCAR from 1995 to 2008, and I have seen the attitude of the teams, Penske, Earnhardt, Hendricks Gibbs and Roush. They talk about diversity simply for the sponsor dollars. There are No Blacks, only one or two out of all of the millions of dollars that have been created by minorities spending money in America"
Thomas B.

"Lesa, Brian France and Bruton Smith. You have built these tracks off of the labor of minorities rather than finding a way to get the minority youth in the seats. You leave them empty, and tell the minority communities and the sponsors how you are moving to diversity, that's a joke!"
Carlos H.


"Sponsors, minorities spend their money on your services, goods and products. You have given NASCAR the platform to continue for 50 years to overlook the minority kids and families, think about it."
Thomas W.

"I say just stop buying the products on the NASCAR brand, and protest the Tracks."
Young G.

"I say, stop buying Xfinity media Service. Stop using Sprint communication tools and stop buying Camping World products, then the sponsors will understand that the young people are not going to keep spending money with the corporation, if they will not make NASCAR engage with us."
JB Lawson

"The Massacre of the 9, was a sad day in America, but the massacre of the minds of our youth in NASCAR, it is truly appalling." 

"We want to eradicate the Confederate flag but a bigger issue in America is NASCAR. NASCAR we generate 50% of the revenue and we're not engaged and no part of NASCAR sponsors, this elitist attitude in NASCAR must be eradicated." 
Chuck H.

"NASCAR has had 50 years of making money off of the goods, services and products utilized by minority families. Sponsors must be held accountable for the revenue stream that is created by minorities in America.  My husband is a minority and my children are interracial. My husband is a very educated man and to this day he is still uncomfortable because he has seen the footprints and he has heard the horror stories of minorities trying to get involved in NASCAR. The France family, after 50 years you should really be ashamed of yourself for what you are doing to the minority people in America."
Ruth C.

"The BASCAR Community is glad to join in and support the movement. The BASCAR community represents the Black community that has a passion for NASCAR"
English Student