Minority Youth Matters Movement

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Reach One - Teach One is a program that has been carefully crafted over the last six years by minorities leaders of all colors and backgrounds.  Minority  motorsport communities,  teacher, and National leaders have all worked tirelessly to bring this program to fruition.


Reach One - Teach One was created to engage the minority communities with the NASCAR brand and to increase the overall fan base as well as to attract our youth that would normally not be involved in NASCAR.


The program will engage  minority communities, expose them to Motorsport  Education & S.T.E.M programs, groom drivers and bring the minorities to the world of NASCAR.  Our program outreach will  directly target the minority communities with equipment and directly expose minority youth to all parts of the NASCAR Industry.


Reach One - Teach One is the bridge that will connect the minorities with the sponsors as well as engage the community with NASCAR.