Minority Youth Matters Movement

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The rights to fairness and justice, as the availability and responsibility to privileges, within a society should be equal to all participants. The social construct is reflective of the value the community esteems to persons particular ethnicities, when needs or wants of the constituents have disparities based on race, creed, gender and color.

Clergy for Minority Youth Matters Movement (C4MYMM) uphold the sacred and social worth of human lives for equal opportunities and considerations for full participation in accord with individual abilities.

Clergy for Minority Youth Matters Movement shall support the organized and structured efforts of the Minority Youth Matters Movement toward equivalent contribution in the development of minority youth, as is the granted program geared toward white (majority) youth.

This coalition of Clergy for Minority Youth Matters Movement encourage movement within the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) to ensure full participation of NASCAR in the development of youth without disproportionate racial support and sponsorship of minority population that has growing interest in activities of the sport.

NASCAR is highly respected in stock car racing as the sanctioning body for at least three major areas of competition: Sprint Car Series; Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series. C4MYMM are calling for the respect of human rights to opportunities, so that NASCAR will reflect an appreciation for the dignity of human value in people of color and from diverse communities around the global.

C4MYMM suggest desirable outcomes through the principles of NASCAR that will ensure the rights of all able bodied persons to enjoy the sport of stock care racing, and the benefits of the same toward people within the world.

Persons of every racial and ethnic life are to witness the absence of racism, so that there is no reflective dominion over people based on race. NASCAR should not give the appearance of supporting a philosophical outlook of one race being superior to another, or have the right to assert power over others due to racial composition.

Racism is the bedrock of, and breeding ground for, racial discrimination. Because of racism, minority youth are often prohibited from gains and progression in positive sports activities.

Therefore, Clergy for Minority Youth Matters Movement are actively participating in protests against NASCAR and all other motorsport entities in the United States of America that give even the appearance of practices encouraging racism or supporting racial disparities. 

C4MYMM pledge to stand within the Minority Youth Matters Movement supporting efforts toward equalizing on every level of participation with support from NASCAR in the motorsport industry. Thus, C4MYMM urges NASCAR to promote throughout its sponsorship, affiliations and activities, inclusion of care for youth programs developed for “Reach One, Teach One” in the educational and economic development of youth from our diverse communities.

Furthermore, Clergy for Minority Youth Matters Movement request people of all communities to support Minority Youth Matters Movement for equality, peace with justice and reaching all youth for a mosaic of unity in the midst of diversity.


December 30th, 2015                                  Comcast Corporation                                 Prayer Protest 3p - 4p

                                                                             Comcast Center   
                                                                             1701 JFK Boulevard    
                                                                             Philadelphia, PA 19103 


February 21st, 2016                                     Daytona International Speedway           Protest
                                                                             1801 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd.   

                                                                             Daytona Beach, Florida 32114


  May 29th, 2016                                             Indianapolis Motor Speedway                 Protest        

                                                                              4790 West 16th Street

                                                                              Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

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Lead Spokesperson - C4MYMM

Pastor Terry Alexander

South Carolina Representative (District 59)

*helped spearhead the removal of the confederate flag from the South Carolina State House

Lead Organizer/Spokesperson - C4MYMM

Pastor Luonne Abram Rouse

United Methodist Church Huntington-Cold Spring Harbor

Leader in Rainbow PUSH and NAACP

Organizer/Spokesperson - C4MYMM

Akil Rose

Harlem Transformation Project

Written by:

Pastor Luonne Abram Rouse

United Methodist Church Huntington-Cold Spring Harbor

On behalf of:

Terrance Alton Cox III Founder/Organizer

Minority Youth Matters Movement